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理查·威廉姆森是苏富比国际地产的经纪人,Delloro金融服务公司首席执行官兼Ensemble杂志的创始人和总编,他对旧金山硅谷地房产市场有​​超过25年的经验。专精有历史或建筑价值的豪宅房产,威廉姆森先生所拥有的艺术与商业背景使他形成了独特的营销方式。 精通英语, 日语, 并有深厚的中国地区合作资历。
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Sotheby's Content
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Today苏富比国际地产公司位于加州圣卡洛斯,是苏富比的关系企业,我们很高兴将不凡的房产与生活艺术相结合; 在帮客户购买和出售房产的同时,也将墙壁上所挂的画和收藏品代为处理,这样的结合,代表着精英阶层的非凡生活方式。
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Patrice Chou
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Don Ong, an innovation advocate and active angel investor in art, technology startups and restaurants in both Silicon Valley and Asia. He is the head of innovation at a Japanese MNC, advisor and mentor to several financial institutions and startups. He is also an avid fan of cool technologies, astrophysics, contemporary and literary arts. His favorite phrases are “never say never”, and “coffee is your best friend.”
Iris Fabbri
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Iris Fabbri, Director of Sotheby’s Auction House in Lugano, Switzerland, is a graduate in architecture from Politechnical School of Milan and started her career with well known Italian classic Architect, Renzo Mongiardino. She has her own firm in Lugano, Switzerland, specializing in serving significant private clients worldwide both in building classic and modern contemporary homes, including interior furnishings and complete decor. As Director of Sotheby’s Auction House in Lugano, she is responsible for commissioning the sale and purchase of art , jewellery and other valuable collectibles at auction on behalf of clients.
Brett O'Connor
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Brett O’Connor joined Sotheby’s in 1999 and has been based in Geneva since 2002, sourcing gems for Sotheby’s worldwide Jewellery auctions. He has over 22 years of auction experience on three continents and has been involved with many of the important jewellery collections, including the collections of Baroness Eugene de Rothchild, Luisa Fanti Melloni, Maria Callas, Madame Claude Arpels, Lily Marinho, Count Guido Henkle von Donnermarck and Gina Lollobrigida. Mr O’Connor earned a Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California, in 1994.
Garnett Ge
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Garnett Ge, Cross-border Venture Manager at Plug and Play, has a Bachelor Degree from University of Wisconsin La Crosse and Master Degree from the Johns Hopkins University. He is now based on Silicon Valley and formly served as a reporter from Xtecher, the top 5 tech media coving in China. Garnett`s writing includes individual profile, industry insights, startups & investments, technology and so on.