Taiwanese Art Photography Through The Lens of Generation X&Y

By: Patrice Chou No artists would claim that their art is solely the product of their own invention without any reference to and inspiration from tradition, memory and personal experience. The underlying accumulation of these is the source of artistic innovation. The richer cultural tradition artists possess, the clearer will their artistic sensibility be manifested. Taiwanese society has a very strong marine culture character, which is a society with fluidity, openness, and diversity. The cultures […]

Celebrating Korean Artists

By:  Richard Williamson We celebrate Korea with a focus on Korean artists in this issue. This also marks our first Korean language issue distributed in Korea. We are very excited to share Ensemble Magazine with an increasingly broader audience. We are also excited and proud to share stories about Korean art and culture in this and coming issues. South Korea, though roughly the size of the state of New Jersey, is the 4th largest economy […]

Sotheby’s Gems and Jewellery

Over the last two decades, I have traveled the world in a constant quest to find those gems that fit the description of a true gem-stone. Although the cultures and tastes may vary from one country to another, there are several gems that have greater appeal over others. They include rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls and of course diamonds. Each of them are mined in several locations around the world, but there is usually one region […]

Top Takeaways From The US and China Investment Summit 2016

China & Silicon Valley Rise Of Angel Investors And The Next Big Thing By: Shirley Liu and Don Ong   The US and China Investment Summit on August 24th-25th at the Santa Clara Convention Center was hosted by the CPC (Cardinal Pitch Club) and Stanford FARM (Financial and Risk Modeling Institute). CPC was founded by Stanford affiliates in April, 2015, consisting of hundreds of institutional and angel investors. They currently have over 1200 members and […]

2016 Sotheby’s HK Auction Edition

We just released our 2016 Sotheby’s Hong Kong Auction Edition! The Sotheby’s Hong Kong Auction is from Oct 1-5th; you can find the schedule for the auction at http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions.html. We featured many outstanding Korean Artists in this edition and other interesting topics, such as exceptional jewellery that will be auctioned in HK as well as past auctions and tech conference in Silicon Valley discussing future tech trends. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Wechat and Instagram!

2016 Spring/Summer Edition Out!

Dear Readers, We have worked very hard to get this edition out! We are featuring some great emerging Artists and Architect in this edition and started our instagram, please add us at ensemble.cc, as well as our wechat official account at ensemble_cc. Also, checkout the new products on our updated shopping website from the artists featured in the magazine. Thanks for all your support and comments!

2015 Sotheby’s HK Auction Fall Edition Out!

Thank you for all the great feedback and support from our readers! The artists and stories featured in our magazine have received great responses and we are as excited as you to put together our next edition. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂 We are actively collecting content for our next spring edition for 2016 and would love to hear from you!

New Website and Shopping site!

Checkout our new website, designed to adapt to different devices, iPad, iPhone, etc. and with the new web design in mind of displaying cover video. Remember to checkout our video page and our new shopping site at http://shop.ensemble.cc that will make available the products featured in our magazine, so now when you see it, like it, you can own it 🙂