Interiors Based On Art

by Arch. Iris Fabbri

ENSEMBLE: What approach do you use to assess a space for design?

I first consider the view potential, the function, the general harmony of the property and if there is ART to use I try to give it the best scenario for its presentation as the result will be more special. The space itself will be made special and unique because of the ART


ENSEMBLE: When you mention the word ART do you refer to specifically to paintings?

No. Not at all. I intend all of what can be considered ART and Design, whether it is a carpet or a piece of furniture or a vase, any beautiful special item to be used. The item should be emphasized in the harmony of the space to achieve a complete beautiful environment.

ENSEMBLE: How do you bring your concept to reality in expressing your ideas?

Luckily the informatics means of today permit us to create the projects in 3-dimensional volumes. We can insert similar ART into the digital renderings to give the idea of the final result and we can correct it more than once, many times…until the result is satisfactory. Until our emotions love it. And we really want it.

ENSEMBLE: Do you usually use your clients’ ART?

It depends. Each case is different. Some clients have very clear ideas and own the items they would love to use as the protagonist of the space. Some want me to look for items and propose my idea based on my inspiration in the context of the space I create with all its details, advantages and disadvantages. We also look together for ART to acquire. My role as Director of Sotheby’s Head office gives me so much information about all that comes up for sale which makes for a broader and more exciting adventure in the search. Buying ART could also be an investment at the same time. So there is a lot involved and it is at the same time passionate and interesting.


ENSEMBLE: Here you give us an example of a space created by you that reflects your comments above, can you tell us more?

Yes. Here you see a very vast space in an attic area used as a main bedroom. You can easily see the privileged wonderful view of the water outside that is very important. So in a way it is all about the view to appreciate both at day time with the blue lake and mountains and at night with many lights of the town. In fact there are no inner curtains as you can see. In reality as it is a high floor without anyone that can see you there are only sun curtains installed outside closing the terrace whenever needed or wished. The rest of the colors in the furniture are white including the wooden floors, the bed, the sofa etc. This white environment runs the risk of seeming cold or sterile. However in executing it is not giving that impression at all. Instead, the white represents the canvass, creating a peaceful atmosphere that is a background for the ART items to be enjoyed, noticed, and appreciated. After all the ART is the protagonist together with the view. The architecture and the space are the canvass and frame which enhance and celebrate the experience of viewing the Art.

Tell me more about the ART

So here is the ART used for this space: (1) Contemporary installation entitled “ I Do” by Jo Fabbri; (2) French stool Charles 10th period; (3) Gilt fireplace mirror, George II; (4) Le Corbusier long chair; (5) 60’s Carpet reproduc¬ing a drawing by Fernand Légèr; (6) 60’s carpet reproducing a drawing by Marcel Duchamp.; (7) Chinese 18th century quan yin in white por¬celain ; (8) Chinese chien lung porcelain vase with ormolu mounts; (9) Rock crystal Chinese 19th century quan Yin; (10) French Empire brass and ivory stool; (11) American fruit glass lamp 1850; (12) Pair of George II English console tables in gilt wood with top in precious agatha stones; (13) Painting by Jo Fabbri; (14) Louis XV lacquered ribalta; deco¬rated in the Chinese lacquer manner , signed by Dubois; (15) 60’s car¬pet reproducing a drawing by Pablo Picasso

In order to give these beautiful highly important items a cool updated look, the pair of consoles have been inserted in illuminated green glass cases which give a special night effect. The guilt fireplace mirror has been used on top of a contemporary design sink console complimented at the side by lovely, additional small mirrors. The carpets which you would usually hang on the walls due to their value and delicacy have been delicately placed on the floor and they practically make the room. The Giacometti sculptures you see walking behind at the far end of the room are in reality our own creation of a rolling dressing curtain with printed art on it. Also the new items of beautiful design: the white leather bed, the standing lamp, the bathroom sinks, the purple see through bathtub, each item is chosen with care to preserve intact the atmosphere of harmony and beauty.

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Iris Fabbri
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Iris Fabbri, Director of Sotheby’s Auction House in Lugano, Switzerland, is a graduate in architecture from Politechnical School of Milan and started her career with well known Italian classic Architect, Renzo Mongiardino. She has her own firm in Lugano, Switzerland, specializing in serving significant private clients worldwide both in building classic and modern contemporary homes, including interior furnishings and complete decor. As Director of Sotheby’s Auction House in Lugano, she is responsible for commissioning the sale and purchase of art , jewellery and other valuable collectibles at auction on behalf of clients.

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