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Caccini Wang and Wayne Wang launched GALENE in the summer of 2010, a product of their vivid imagination and experience with precious gems and corals. Both designers completed their professional education in design in Taiwan and graduate studies abroad, in the United States and England, respectively. United by their unwavering commitment to quality, craftstmanship, and integrity, the designers have joined their passions for jewelry and fashion with GALENE.
GALENE jewelry is inspired by the magic and mystery of the sea. In Greek mythology, Galene is the personification of calm seas or waters. Her name represents peace and serenity.

The GALENE collection includes numerous pieces in 18k gold featuring coral, diamonds, and pearls. “Our pieces are designed for those who appreciate jewelry as special talismans and keepsakes, memories of special moments in their lives,” says Caccini. “Each piece is unique,” says Wayne. “A beautiful stone or gem must be allowed to speak for itself.”

The Garden of GALENE Being inspired by the astonishing beauty of deep sea gems coral, GALENE presents imaginations of exquisite jewelries to convey the garden under the deep sea where goddess wander and play. The rare deep-red gems of coral are precisely encased in 18 carat gold and presented in sensual organic forms; a brooch, necklace and a pair of earrings and a ring. These are very exclusive and collectable pieces in the GALENE collection.


Galene is inspired by the star of Bethlehem, a star which represents joys and happiness. We create a beautiful collection of stars to provide comfort. Each brooch/pendent is a unique radiant design of stars. Precious corals, pearls, diamonds and 18 carat gold are transformed into dazzling stars. In tales of old, it is said that everyone has a special star in the vast universe which protects us from afar. Each beautiful piece of jewelry from GALENE conveys sincerity, blessings and love.


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