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Why IXD is an innovative art presentation design company. Specializing in art installations at venues spanning music and dance performances, shopping centers and other public areas (see below of their work at Taoyuan International Airport Arrival Terminal in Taipei, Taiwan) Employing LED technology to create panels sculpted into floral shapes and animate forms for installations at parks, galleries, as well as in building facades. The unique flexibility of their chosen medium provides for an almost limitless canvass on which to present their work. The company was founded by three passionate artists who met while studying at Taipei Art Design School in the suburb of Taipei, Taiwan. Having traveled all over the world and seen most of the major renowned installations and works of performance artists, I confess great surprise that Why IXD succeeds in amazing a show connoisseur like myself and enlisting me as a fan of their artwork.


WhyIXD, Public Art Display


A significant milestone since their company was founded in 2011 was their participation in Andy Lau’s concert tour in Asia. Andy Lau is one of the most renowned stars in the Asian entertainment industry, for the rapidly growing audience for Chinese music film. His impressive long-standing success in the industry, is akin to that of Madonna in music or Tom Cruise in movies, whose careers are distinguished by consistent sold-out performances, chart-topping hits, and numerous popular videos on YouTube. The behind-the-scene crews for Andy Lau are quite international and are all world class because of the grand scale of his concert tours. Why IXD was invited to design and implement the lighting of the concert by expanding upon a previous lighting presentation of a dance performance in Taiwan, which had made a profound impression on the audiences and helped get their name out in Taiwan.

As all artists find inspiration from their surroundings and the work of other talented artists. Why IXD has gotten their inspiration from the work of Ercon group in Singapore. Ercon was the creative mind behind the BMW commercial in which they created the effect of hanging reflective droplets which coordinate to form the shape of a BMW. Why IXD continues to expand upon their successful ideas to continuously enhance their accomplishments and refine their art. Their designs of hanging lights in different patterns, shapes, and changing forms, deliver an extraordinary experience that wow audiences.


WhyIXD Public Art Display


The vision of the company is to design interactive artwork, employing QR codes to enable their audiences to activate and interact with the physical artwork. An example that I find fascinating is a metal and plastic structure installed in a public park. The plastic element is just a white square made up of tiny cubes. The cubes resemble pixels in a picture. Once the user scans the QR code with the mobile app, the structure will react by aligning the pixels into the form the user has selected through the app. For example, if I were to scan a QR code with Steve Jobs’ face, the cube will immediately align the structure in front of me to resemble his face. Another example of their interactive artwork is Designer AR, which Why IXD has created for a furniture store in Taiwan. Designer AR employs an app and a physical mat the size of a mouse pad. When the mouse is placed on the mat anywhere, you will see the furniture appear on your device’s screen, where you can turn it 180 degrees and at different angles to view the furniture, as if it really exists in that space defined by the app and mat. This proves useful for buyers to view how products will appear in specific settings prior to actually purchasing the furniture.

Why IXD’s rapidly evolving type of interactive media is consistently succeeding in engaging users and trailblazing a solid trend in coming years while augmented and virtual reality bring us closer to integrating the world of the real and unreal (visit ensemble.cc for video footage).


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