We ART The World

  “Nowhere is nothing. Everywhere has histories.” My memory doesn’t serve me correctly where and when I read this, but the straightforward and powerful sentence has been lingering in my mind. As a traveler enjoying […]


Interview At Noon

At noon, I watched the things next to me fade away and prosper on the other side——Zhang Qiongfei Zhang Qiongfei’s Intro: Female, born in Yunnan in the 1970s, graduated from Yunnan Art College and Central […]


The Exclusive Swatch-Art Collection

  INTRODUCTION Swatch is revolution: It has given an enormous boost to the market and industry of watch-making and it changed the concept of the timepiece and it is worn. The timepiece according to Swatch, […]


Her View

“Can you name five women artists?” In honor of International Women’s Day, the National Museum of Women in the Arts has launched a social media campaign dubbed #5womenartists, which runs every March by asking individuals […]

Creative Arts

Celebrating Korean Artists

We celebrate Korea with a focus on Korean artists in this issue. This also marks our first Korean language issue distributed in Korea. We are very excited to share Ensemble Magazine with an increasingly broader […]