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Gallerie Citi Contemporary Art exhibits paintings, photography, sculp-ture and mixed media, from a stable of International established and emerging artists, placing a special emphasis on California’s own rich Bay Area.

The Burlingame contemporary art gallery, which is owned and operated by Andra Norris, represents an exceptional roster of artists who have exhibited in, or are included in the permanent collections of prestigious national and international museums, as well as emerging talent. “We bridge artists and the community through exhibitions and working with collectors—both old and new—to find art they love. In addition to rotating exhibitions”, says Norris, “Gallerie Citi offers free personalized in-home and corporate art presentations tailored to individual needs and preferences.

It took a leap of faith to move my art gallery from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco’s South Park (Media Gulch) district, to the serenity of downtown Burlingame, but when the idea occurred to me in 2011, I could not resist it. Silicon Valley and the Peninsula are filled with extraordinary people and ideas. Our communities are flourishing, and there is nowhere I would rather be, than right here, doing what I love at Gallerie Citi.”

Gallerie Citi Contemporary Art proudly presents

REAL — September 19 – November 6, 2015

An exhibition of small trompe l’oeil oil paintings by Willard Dixon and pop realism “Portraits in Absentia” by Elizabeth Barlow.

In the spirit of the great portraiture tradition, but deviating from its usual approach, Elizabeth Barlow creates oil paintings of people using their belongings rather than their faces, to explore the human experience. In this series, the artist uses shoes to represent the person who wears them. The deep emotional content inherent in these very personal objects represents rich opportunities for storytelling.

One of the finest American contemporary realist painters, Willard Dixon has painted Northern California coastal landscapes for 35 years. His work captures the undeniable beauty of the West with its grand and humble spirit. The same sensitivity can be found in Dixon’s urban street scenes that offer viewers a resting place to contemplate our rapidly changing world, and his still life’s, that quietly reflect a moment in time. Elmer Bischoff (1916-1991), who is probably the most innovative and influential of the First Generation Bay Area Figurative painters, likened his abstract acrylic paintings to jazz improvisations, with which he is familiar as a part-time musician. “Untitled No 111” is a late (1988) abstract composition with short, quick strokes of dazzling color. The artist described the series as “happy disasters,” which more
often than not expressed joyful play.

Kim Frohsin, Bay Area Figurative third generation artist, presents new work that breaks ground with its explosive vibrancy and unique method of creation. With an absolute commitment to her vision, paired with innate visual zest, Frohsin’s mixed media paintings delightfully merge abstract space with clearly defined shapes. For her, everything begins with the figure, while every possibility exists within her autobiographical evolution.

Please contact Andra Norris at Gallerie Citi with inquiries: | 650-577-3799 |
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